IMG_6410We offer both full and half-day programs YEAR ROUND in Salmon Arm for children aged 3 – 6 years.


Full-Day Preschool/Kindergarten

Our full-day option provides an educational alternative to day care for working families. We deliver a well rounded curriculum with a focus on the the development of the whole child.

Regular Hours:
8:00 am – 4:10 pm

Extended Hours:
7:45 am – 8:00 or 4:10 – 5:00 pm

Half-Day Preschool/Kindergarten

Students may arrive as early as 8:00 AM for outdoor playtime before class begins at 8:45. Half-day students are dismissed at 12:10.

The Montessori Classroom Environment

Our spacious classroom is carefully designed to provide an environment where children feel enticed to explore and learn. Offering a uniquely hands-on approach to learning, the Montessori environment inspires freedom of movement. Students are inspired to discover abstract concepts through concrete experiences. This approach fosters a love for learning that is carried into all areas of academics, promoting accelerated advancement.

As found in authentic Montessori schools, we offer the following five main areas of focus:

1. Practical Life

2. Language

3. Sensorial

4. Geography & Cultural Studies

5. Mathematics

Science & Nature

boucey garden

Main topics of study in our science and nature curriculum are biology, botany, zoology and physical science. When conducting experiments, children learn to form a hypothesis and test their predictions. In addition to the materials found within the classroom, the students have structured and unstructured time outside to experience and study nature. Children enjoy regular walks through the Palliated Woods and research the seeds, flowers and leaves they find. Students explore the plant life cycle as they sow seeds, water plants, and harvest vegetables from our organic gardens. Children also take turns caring for and feeding our pet bunny, laying hens, and fish. The goal in our science and nature curriculum is not simply to facilitate the discovery of factual knowledge, but rather to capture, ignite and explore the sense of wonder and reverence that children innately have about the natural world.

Creative Arts


musicAt Maple Tree Montessori, we provide a supportive and warm environment in which all children can explore the world of music with joy and confidence. Our music program engages students physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Through various music and movement activities, children are introduced to basic musical concepts such as rhythm, beat, melody and pitch. These concepts are further developed through creative use of percussion instruments. The instruments of the orchestra are reviewed by the students as they study a timeline of famous composers and musical forms. Cultural appreciation is fostered through experiencing a variety of world music. Our music program facilitates creative expression, while children enjoy a sense of unity.

Fine Arts

originalFine Art is an engaging part of the curriculum at Maple Tree. Children develop fine motor skills, self-esteem and creative expression with arts and crafts. Students have daily access to a wide variety of fine art materials that include crayons, glue, scissors, paper, paints and clay. Fine art is also a central part of our cultural and geography studies; as they study the continents, students learn about and create art influenced by different cultures from around the world.





Drama and Dance

CreativeArtsDramatic activities at Maple Tree Montessori promote emotional and social growth while fostering self-esteem and autonomy. Students learn to express themselves through movement and language while acting out poems, stories, and songs. These attributes are further developed through creative dance. Children discover rhythm and movement while playfully improving body awareness and kinesthetic ease.





The first five years are forever. During these decisive years, many of the lifestyle patterns that guide children through their lives are formed. Consequently, nutrition is an important part of our curriculum. We provide positive, hands on experience with a variety of whole foods. Our philosophy is that children should know where their food comes from. Students are involved as much as possible in the production and preparation of food. In early spring, students plant seeds under florescent bulbs in our classroom. Later, the children transplant the seedlings into the garden and, as they watch their plants grow, participate in watering and weeding. The vegetables and herbs are harvested by the children and are incorporated into our cooking and baking activities. Finally, students assist in the collection and preservation of seeds. In the following year, returning students sow the seeds they have collected!

The children further explore the full circle of nutrition as they enjoy daily involvement in composting, feeding chickens and collecting eggs. Eggs are also incubated and hatched in the classroom, offering hands on exploration of a chicken’s life cycle. Finally, we use eggs in our regular baking activities. Nutrition experiences outside the classroom are augmented by studies within the classroom. We explore the four food groups, and students are taught the importance of eating a variety of unprocessed foods. Children learn to identify and classify fruits and vegetables while discussing healthy food choices. Our community snack program is a highlight for children at Maple Tree Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten. Students expand their palates through tasting and exploring a wide variety of healthy foods every day.

Physical Education

Bikes, trikes and scooter fun!

By the age of six, children have formed many of the habits that will carry them through their lives. Those children who are physically active have a much higher chance of being active in later life. Our physical education program instills healthy lifestyle habits, as students learn about their bodies and how they work. Children receive theory on simple human anatomy, nutrition and what it means to be healthy. We incorporate fitness activities such as stretching, aerobics, dance, balance and gross motor skill development into the program. Children enjoy riding bikes, scooters and trikes in a safe environment and play organized games. Yoga and creative dance classes are offered weekly. Our Physical Education Program is designed to provide children with experiences of competence and social cohesion, while instilling healthy lifelong habits.