Creative Arts


At Maple Tree Montessori, we provide a supportive and warm environment in which all children can explore the world of music with joy and confidence. Our music program engages students physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Through various music and movement activities, children are introduced to basic musical concepts such as rhythm, beat, melody and pitch. These concepts are further developed through creative use of percussion instruments. The instruments of the orchestra are reviewed by the students as they study a timeline of famous composers and musical forms. Cultural appreciation is fostered through experiencing a variety of world music. Our music program facilitates creative expression, while children enjoy a sense of unity.

Fine Arts

originalFine Art is an engaging part of the curriculum at Maple Tree. Children develop fine motor skills, self-esteem and creative expression with arts and crafts. Students have daily access to a wide variety of fine art materials that include crayons, glue, scissors, paper, paints and clay. Fine art is also a central part of our cultural and geography studies; as they study the continents, students learn about and create art influenced by different cultures from around the world.





Drama and Dance

CreativeArtsDramatic activities at Maple Tree Montessori promote emotional and social growth while fostering self-esteem. Students learn to express themselves through movement and language while acting out poems, stories, and songs. These attributes are further developed through creative dance. Children discover rhythm and movement while playfully improving body awareness and kinesthetic ease.